Controlled Grazing

A welfare state busys itself through rationing and reallocation of resources and funding. As Bill Gates has recently seconded in an interview, to paraphrase, “we can keep from laying off three teachers by cutting grannys life-prolonging medical care“. I recall Obama mentioning something about “giving grandma a painkiller” to save the welfare state.

The law at work behind this management philosophy ( farmers call it controlled grazing ) is one that is also a physics law. You cannot eat your cake, and have it, too.  The only guarantee here is the Goldwater warning, “A government big enough to give you big enough to take everything away”.

Welfare, when it is married to the State, is no longer a voluntary exchange to mutual benefit, no matter how much “exchange”, or more accurately, looting ,occurs. Obama, Bill Gates, and others in the ruling class, consider this theft “social-justice”. It is “social”, but it is not “justice”, robbery never has been.

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