Would anybody be better than Obama?

Many conservatives say that we are in a fight for our liberty, and that any candidate in this years senate and house races, and for the white house in 2012, any canididate is BETTER than a democrat, or Obama.__ So no more questions, get out and vote for the “opposite” guy.__ This is plucked from the Gingrich early 1990’s playbook…and we know how that turned out…the welfare state continued to roll out unsustainable expansion, consumers continued to pile on debt for things like jewelry and knick-knacks. While the left busy bodies about selling boobus domesticus on things like global warming and other ludite-flavored economic goals, the right has busy bodied itself staging a comeback as the saviors come hither to release us from our worldly bonds.

Approval ratings for both major political “parties”, aka, the Central Party and its wings, is very, very low. Obama was the “opposite” option, look how thats turned out. On the political “right”, we have some of the worst possible candidates in the history of these United States, waiting for their “turn” to ram it all into the ground…and do so smiling, with pictures and clever sound bites. They are essentially taking advantage of disaster. It is possible that running as a Republican, or Democrat, might be a sign of unelectability. But Boobus Electorous will dash to the ballot box in November thinking the same echos of Obama-zombies two years prior.

The right is rumbling that “we just need to vote”. But we are observing a practical lesson in why 90% of the candidates will be more of the same. Repealing bad law is not in the political will of the current right. The current right will need to change. It has yet to do so. The GOP is the largest obstacle to this change…and for good reason. Republican operatives look at this mess as a fishing outing. Reality dictates that there is no real bait to go fishing with. Democrats are watching their bobbers be still, Republicans are excited about their new synthetic lures.

Random names plucked from the phone book would run this entire nation better, Republicans will remind us of this within a year or two.

The hard lesson is what Americans need to learn. There’s a swing to the right, and then theres a return to constitutional principles, the two have nothing in common.

Truth is, anyone would be better than Obama, and anyone would be better than any sitting politician, esp. if they think they would be “better than” Obama.

We are deep in the rabbit hole.

But Christie might be an exception, recently he body slammed another looter…


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