Public School Products

I simply can’t take it anymore. The other day a friend of mine and one of his co-workers…a younger twenty-something guy…were driving down the road having a conversation. The subject turned to politics and economics. Here is what the boob said, and is a perfect example of the product of Public Education. “You know, I just don’t get it, why don’t they just print more money to fix this mess?”

Public education is, and has been, a disaster. Its products are the “dumbed down”. This type of person is easy to control. He or she watches hundreds of hours of sports annually. They stare at the news without mentally filtering out the crap, which is tantamount to drinking sewer water because it has “moisture”, that a body needs. Not all publicly educated people are this dumb. But it is now more common to see one who has been dumbed down, then one who has crawled up and out from that septic schooling.

Why is this type of boob even created? It saves effort…on the part of those who feel the need to control society. Smart people threaten control-grid operators. The ruling class needs a drooling class. The publicly educated dupes (who think texting speed, gaming, and baseball stats are deserving of more attention than economics, self-reliance, and preparedness) are easy to control.

There may be some good teachers out there, even in the public school system. Why does society say it’s OK, however, that they are very rare? And why do most believe that their own school, is a cut above? Perhaps its just whistling past the graveyard. Or even, sipping from the septic.

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