Easy to divide, easy to conquer.

As sales of the Islamic bible, the Koran, spike up for this weeks burning festival, boobus domesticus is leaving other books un-read on their shelves at home.

Here are some (made-up)book titles Amercians (who are too busy burning Korans) should be reading…

1. How to tar and feather a tyrant, in 11 easy steps

2. Macro-Economics in pictures.

3. How To Find A Jimmy Carter Voter, an investigative report.

4. Easy To Divide, Easy To Conquer, a 21st Century Guide To Politics

5. Roses to Radishes, Converting your garden with the times.

6. Specie Boobus Domesticus, an autopsy.

7. The Meat Rabbit, a dual purpose pet in todays depression.

8. How To Clean Water

9. Solvent Government in the era before income taxes, sales taxes, and the Federal Reserve, a true story.

10. Dollars Represent Debt

11. Squatting without running water and power, a 21st century guide to American living for peasants.

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