S.H.T.F., farmer or hunter?

Many preppers prepping figure on hunting skills as ‘best skills to know’. Farmers, and the skill of farming, seems to be past over. It requires much more investment to farm. Gardening is not farming. Hydrangeas and pumpkins don’t feed towns. Also, while little investment is required to be a hunter, compared to farmer on a FARM…a hunter simply cannot bring in enough game to feed more than a family of 4, plus next doors if hes good and you live on a preserve. A farmer can feed thousands of locals. But farmers need help with op-sec, or operational security. One cannot feed the hogs, or combine wheat, while looking out for sharp shooting snipers….gas bandits, or general low life infrastructure destroyers. He’s got his eyes and mind on the windrows. A hunters time would be best spent running op-sec for a farmer overnite, or during field work and chores guarding the land, than going out looking for woodchucks (which may be all thats left when its open season on poaching for a week or two) A hunter could earn more as security guard 9pm-9am for farmer john, than he could hunting all day and nite for a week.  Meat will be a prized commodity during an shtf, more land may be allocated for edibles, but meat will still be in demand. While a layed off receptionist gets soylent green in town, an op-sec man might get a pound of hamburger, and better health, for a weeks worth of posting at the fuel barrel.

A dollar crash could send city folk paniced into the countryside roaming through farms with empty stomachs…empty gas tanks, shattered dreams of being human, ect. A farmer is worth his weight in gold after an shtf, not just for the land either, his know how is essential to getting any kind of decent production from that land…or sea. His life is as valuable as 100 hunters, 250, butchers, or a million beggars.

While hunting certainly is a novel skill, I think practical common sense trumps the farmer over the common hunter by a margin of about 1000 to 1. If you do not farm, consider working for one for a while, get to learn some of the trade, or hunt early and often to hone your op-sec skills.

note…make a motor- bike out of your power drills?


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