The fully-cooked goose.


If you want to be free, you must disavow the premise that you either A. Do not own your own life, or, B. That you own your own life, but that ownership is actually partial…that a percentage of it belongs to those people, or entity’s that you are subservient to.

The  way to freedom is a revolution of the mind, a paradigm shift in our thinking…and simply put, it means You Own Your Own Life, 100% !

Few people will attempt to convince you that you cannot own any single part of your life, as a matter of fact, to them, to say “YOUR life”, would be a contradiction. Most who subscribe to this idea are the ruling class elites, the influence peddlers, dangerous politicians, sheriffs, university mind-keepers, ect..

The much more common type, is the type that will tell you that part of your life is not owned by you. Not every penny you have earned, to them, is yours. Half, or a quarter, or even one red cent, belongs to everybody else, or somebody in an institution above you , usually government. If it’s not your earnings, it is something you already posses that the Partial-crowd wants. If your wealthy, they want your land, if your house is too big, they want the furniture, if you have no money, they want your time (a draft is the ultimate example of this), get out and vote, they want your attention. They want your business, you’re not running it properly, or, they want a larger part of your business, to steer it in a direction more amendable to their liking of what the world “should” look like.

Learn what FA Hayek meant by “The Fatal Conceit”, or what Thomas Sowell meant by “A Vision of the Anointed”

Social security assumes your life is worth no more than 87% total ownership. The income tax assumes, depending on who you are, that you own as little as half your life. State and often, local, governments assume some more. The average person (and this is from the Tax Foundation) works until sometime in April just to pay all the taxes he owes to the government(s). That is a third of your life. If you live to 75 years of age, you might work for 45 years, 15 of them for Uncle Sam, directly, or, indirectly.

But all this does not include inflation, the hidden tax. Nor does it include the cost of compliance with regulations (unconstitutional laws made by governments which assume guilt on the part of businesses, to hold small competitors down, and thusly prop large dominant corporatist cronyism up). Nor does it include all the artificial emergency events the government creates, the entire problem-reaction-solution recipe they continually bake.

Many often get their heads stuck in the box of debate over whether taxes should be lowered or raised. How much a fair tax rate is, and for whom. How much money the government should print, borrow, steal, extort, ect. That is designed to keep us from looking at the truth, whole truth, and nothing but the truth, which is the 100% full ownership, of your own life, for, your own sake.

As soon as governments are instituted among men, through valid, mutually voluntary agreements, they are in fact valid. As soon as taxes a levied, aka, money is forced from someone as an act of initiation of force, to fund it, is no longer a true legitimate government. There are no exceptions. Our own government here in the USA is not legitimate per inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And now, as it has become more brazen over the centuries, there should be no doubt in anyones sane mind, that our current “government” is not of men, but of an elite few, the Ruling Class, ruling by decree, and calling it legislative action, ruling by decree, and calling it efficient executive order, ruling by decree, and calling it “for your own collective abstract good”. Ruling by decree, citing prior decree.

It is no longer a true government that sways above us, in power. It is the very definition, of “an arbitrary”. It cannot be re-formed in the sense of what reform means. It cannot be depopulated of its rulers, and repopulated with patriots, without quickly becoming the opposing occupied force. It holds sway to too much power now.

I am not advocating violence, but perhaps you understand. And at least, understand this. A government of, by, and for the people, is a government that does nothing but protect individual rights, and does no more. It is a government that receives only voluntary funding as a check on its size and scope. It is a government that is absolutely needed, but not by any one single person, more than any other. That is a Republic. America, today, as we know it, is ruled by deranged elite, socialists, eugenicist, communists, and plenty of corporatist looters. It is a defacto, Ruling Regime, that cares not for anything else, but to maintain its position of power. It acts, ONLY, to sustain, increase, or at least slow down, any loss of power. It is not a Two-Party system, it is a one party system, with two wings. Most choose the wing that they perceive will let them alone more, or attack those they envy most. It is a regime as sword and shield. Again, this is not legitimate government, both wings of the Central Party assume part of your life, is not your own. And they maintain order among the flock, by working with you to act as envy fulfillment soldier, or relief from that fulfillment soldier. It no longer is interested in its one, and only, legitimate task that would make it a true government. The protection of individual rights.

As a matter of fact, most people do not know what individual, inalienable rights means, not to mention, what it entails if it is put into action as the sole legitimate responsibility of government to defend.

You could say, we have, as a nation, been cooking our own goose from the playbook we were given by our master, since before the Declaration was signed. Now,  the debates between Obam-unism, Tea Parties, Democrats, Republicans, Conservatives, Liberals, ect.. are all debates about which side dishes should be served with that fully cooked goose. Mashed potatoes? Candied Yams? Corn? String beans?

For things to begin moving in another direction, long-term, in this nation, I think we are going to have to, as a nation, attempt to have our goose, and eat it, to. When Americans realize this is not possible, as the dollar gets devalued, and food shelves, emptied, and those distant sirens and fires get closer…it will be difficult to assert our Right, to live for our own sake. But I think its worth noting, and this is key to waking up… that once cooked, something can be spiced up, cooled down, enhanced with side dishes…but it cannot be “uncooked”.

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2 Responses to The fully-cooked goose.

  1. joe says:

    Freedom can be measured by how many times in a day you can say “no”

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