Corporatism, the New World Fuedalism

“Now we can see a new world..coming into view.”-George Herbert Walker Bush

    Why would a popular government, swept into power on the promise of hope and change and against the powerful special and hidden interests, continue, blatantly, to funnel money, through the Congresses, from the American people, to the global banking interests in bed with governments around the world ? Why would said political looters watch with disinterest as their popularity plummets from near 100%, to well under 50% in the span of less than two years ? It is because the agenda is not to further what “the people” would like, nor especially what “the constitution” would allow, but to serve the corporate interests that put them, and holds them, in power.

    This is not an attack on the idea of “a corporation”, or “free market capitalism”, this is an attack on what many refer to as “corporate-government cronyism”, “fascism”, and “corruption”. What America is witnessing is conspiracy and collusion at the expense of the people.

    A complex income and corporate tax system allows some not to pay, some to pay and then have their taxes returned through some other route, and punishes the rising innovators, holding them down for their success. A complex arrangement between the Central controlling Bank, The Federal Reserve (a private corporate bank), and the Federal government…in which private interests colluded with elected officials to tax the people through inflation, stock and commodity manipulation, and general economic meddling, to their own benefit.

    There are two sides to this tyrannical coin. On one, you have the people involved in this , perpetuating it. On the other, you have ideology, or lack of. The people have been put to sleep thinking that in the end, machinations are put in place to prevent this from “really” getting out of control.

    It has been out of “our” control for a long time now. We cannot thrive under a corporatist regime. Unless of course, we decide to play ball with these looters, and even then, we lose, they win, in the end.

    Politics is playing ball. A swing to the right is just that, a swing. It is not a revolution.

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