The Palin, The Left, and The Right

  Sarah Palin’s visit to Iowa is an unofficial announcement of her candidacy for President in 2013, likely, the official announcement will come in about 6-9 months from now. So what happens next?

  From the Left, come attacks regarding her sex type (female not in the kitchen, making feminists work harder to appear mainstream), and I.Q. level. They have successfully shown Bush II and Reagan to be complete imbeciles..but most of those accusations come from lefties who have never been, nor ever will be, President of the United States. I’m not claiming most Republican politicians are idiots myself, misguided, for sure, but not all idiots.

  From the Right, with many neo-cons, it’s the claims of her stupidity, sex, and clothing choices. Again, many on the right who say these things have not accomplished anywhere near what Palin has. In addition, many of them are trying to prop up their own ideal candidates, Huckabee, Romney, Jihndal, Perry, Pawlenty, Daniels, Powell, Petraeus, Bush III, Cheney II, Kissinger I, Paul I, Paul II, Ryan, Thompson, Gingrich, Arnold, DeMint, Bachmann, oh holy hell the list goes on.

   Stategic Paleo Cons who tend to be religionists, but not too religionists, are leaning toward Palin right now, they want her out the gate racing early and often and official. Many in Talk Radio are big Palin fans, Beck, Limbaugh, and I would say Hannity, but I think he has got some moderate in mind ahead of her…though, he has not thrown Palin under the bus. Palin seems to be marching to the beat of NWO promoter Henry Kissinger, and Religious Zealot Pat Robertson. Her speeches sound conservative in a traditional sense, but a far cry from revolutionary. Economically, she is a weak Reagan. Culturally, she’s more aligned with Reagan. Politically, she’s more akin to a Ross Perot type. However, she is careful not to throw the neo-con/neo-lib moderate types like Gingrich under the bus, nor the Goldwater-like, paleo-libertarian types such as Ron Paul. All due to the fact that her handlers understand that in order to keep her populist momentum going, in the pinch two years from now, in order to beat Obama and his One Billion dollar campaign to save the Party of Ideapoop (that’s the Democrats), she will need as many Ron Paulers and McCain-iac mold Inromne-iacs as she can. Her coffers are growing, but they are a far cry from matching Barrys bankers.

  On money, more money in America is spent on potato chips in a typical election year, than on all the candidates in every race nation-wide, combined. But Barry has the loyalty of the bankers, who are beholden to the central bankers, who are in turn beholden to the World Bank, and The Bank of International Settlements, in Basil, Switzerland, a long way away from D.C. To win, Palin, or any other candidate on the right, will need to have the apparentcy of winability on her side. That’s when the real money flow starts. A Republican can beat Barry of Basil, but he or she will need to at least raise a fifth of what Barry can extort and funnel through International Micro donations from Soros, and under the table thank you notes from Basil. If Barry can crash the dollar, the winners are those who own all the gold, and there’s none in Knox, where is it? Its held by the World Bank, of course. Why else would the price be spiking? Presidents plan out a few years, Parties plan out a few years more, Banks plan by the decade, specifically, Centrally run government banks like the (non)Federal Reserve, W.B., and B.I.S.

   If betters decide to kick the pendulum to the right, Palin will be toward the top of the list, but I will bet Tea Party goers are not going to be convinced easily. Many were disheartened by McLame, or dis-fabled by Barry Obama. Their level of trust can’t be easily swayed, but it’s possible.

   Palin has friends and enemies on the left, and the right, the center and top and bottom. The GOP primaries are gearing up no doubt for a major battle royal. Neither side deserves a win, neither wing of the Central Party (GOP,DNC) deserves to win. I hope potato chips maintains the lead, elections are replaced by impeachments, and new party’s form to act as “new guard” per the prescription of the Declaration of Independence. A velvet revolution if you will, fraught with indictments, sentencing, and a paradigm shift in the average Americans view of the Ruling Class, as – NOT our saviors, but a virus, destroying the nation through inconsistent foreign policy, debt, taxes, and general indecency and corruption.

   Is Sarah Palin different? Well, does she sound more like Ron Paul than Newt Gingrich? No, she sounds more like Newt Gingrich, a man who shared a park bench with Nanny Pelosi 4 years ago to sell us pragmatism and global warming capitulation.

   Some say all politics is just a popularity contest anyway, I disagree. One does not just say, oh, well, I have a virus, think I will just adapt, get used to it, maybe take an aspirin and sleep.

Right now, Ron Paul, at 76 (?) is/will be, the only potential candidate worth more than a bag of Doritos.

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