Faith,hope,and charity

Glenn Beck’s creepy salute to subservience lured about a half million neocons recently to prayer before the master’s messianic guidestones and reflecting pools in Washington DC. The Aztec kings would have blushed. This is Obama-Redux.

Faith is the rejection of reason. Hope is desire, unfunded. Charity is an unearned flow of goods or services. All require us to kneel before fantasy, and reject reality, to various degrees. The answer to faith is reason. The answer to hope is intentional efforts and success in pursuit of production and profit in an ethical fashion. The answer to charity is exchange of values, this exchange is spurred when the persons involved value what they obtain more than what they gave up for it in such an exchange. Faith,hope, and charity, run contrary to the concepts of free will, individualism, man’s mind, and individual rights. To the degree that one accepts faith,hope and charity, is to the degree that one subvert ones own self, and sense of values, which aid in ones own survival.

At a minimum, Glenn Beck is misled in his advocating of these three killers of independence. At worse, he is RE branding Hopium, and Obamunism, so that when neocons rise to power over the next few years, they can sell the same crappy collectivist drivel that the Obamazombies failed to sell, but imposed onto us, none the less.

I reject any effort to get 500,000 sheep to bow in prayer before anyone, but worse, before pre-groomed political figureheads. There can be nothing good to come from this, in history, nothing good ever has come of these sort of uber-marches. The sad part of events like this is that many of these people are patriots, many of them think that a Palin or Gingrich administration will repeal the bad legislation signed into law over the past decade, or century. Alas, even bills like Obamacare, will be in place structurally for decades, as has socialism security, medi-grab, and medi-loot. (the caid ‘n’ cares) Atleast, until we start supporting candidates unafraid of reversing the State, candidates consistant with the message of The Declaration of Independence.

The lesson learned, even neo-cons, can be sado-machoists.


My challenge to Beck Believers is to “repeal and replace”.

Repeal Faith, Hope, and Charity. Replace them with Facts, Productive Achievement, and Voluntary Exchange to mutual benefit.


    ” Here come the religionists. They hath collected up each individual mind and subvert them thus to anything, any one thing, even obscurity.. so long as it is greater then them. Their State, their Gods, their Own Self-proclaimed Purity.   The masses bow to every style and brand they perceive, then huddle to the blunt force they shalt naturally recieve.”

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