Tea Party Take Over

The Tea Party movement has traditionally been against the bailouts. Glenn Beck supported them for the first few days, when it mattered. Most GOP major contenders for President in 2012, supported them, at least minimally by silence…when it mattered.

A Real Revolutionary movement would hold the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, On High. These documents require reason, and accountability. Fox News, The GOP and many Talk Radio “Conservatives” are interested in emotional pot stirring, ratings, and vote totals in November. While some candidates have risen in the mold of the True Tea Party spirit, most candidates winning in GOP primaries, who rode the coat-tails of an aborted revolution, are soft tyranny, or even hard tyranny Central Party faithful. The GOP (wing) may take the house and senate, but the difference will be replacing one group of corrupt thugs, with another…fresh batch.

This will be a disaster for the nation. The  many true conservatives and libertarians who saw a major problem within their “party”, are now having their tummies rubbed, and falling into a toad-like stupor over a Return of the House of Bush. Theft by politicians will reach whole new astronomical highs. The real false Bill of Goods was not Obama selling Hopium in the streets, the real false Bill of Goods will be neo-cons selling themselves as Founding Fathers (and Mothers), gaining power, than really socking it to us as they promote their own brand of collectivism to a hungry mass overwhelmed with the Obama betrayal.

Everything you need to know about McCain you can find out in his concession speech of 2008. McCain serves as a prime example of the heart and soul of the mind-set of neo-cons today. It is Obama’s Hopium, rebranded to a “We The People” soundtrack. Not sure if a “so-called” or “self-claimed” CONSERVATIVE or INDEPENDENT MINDED candidate is a neo-con? Than simply ask…Do they sound like George Washington? John Adams? Thomas Jefferson? John Locke? The answer of course is no, nope, they will take the powers seized by Bush and Obama, and expand on them. They will save the welfare state, not end it. They will save the economy, by taking “charge” of it, they will not eliminate income taxes, they will “tweak” income taxes. The debt? They plan to raise taxes. Sounds impossible? Not YOUR favorite neocon? Guess again.

I am not making the case to vote for an intended one-termer like Obama. But the trend I see here is just a rebranded Obama, and a continuation of rule by decree, and force, or threat of force. The Tea Parties have become a machination for electoral switcharoo-ism. Trade in one rat-trap car, for another, then continue racing toward the end of the cliff. Just look at the majority of candidates on the GOP side for Senate, House, and State level elections. These people simply, pre-dominantly, do not assume a position of servant, but of ruler. Sure, there are some gold nuggets mixed in there at the bottom of that port-a-potty we call modern government. But all that rises is methane. And all that glitters will be “marginalized, as undigested nuts”…as has been the case for a long time now.

In the end, things will have to get much, much worse, before they get better. Both left and right have destroyed the Constitution. None dare mention inalienable rights. McCain ran with the slogan “Country First” in 2008, this meant nationalism, military drafts, and collective redistribution of wealth, before Individual freedoms.

The GOP has a modus operandi of taking us out of the Obama box, placing us in the GOP box, then telling us we are free to move around…in that box. Their task, is to sell us on their new BOX. It has more square inches. Its made of better materials. Its “common sense” and “value laden”.

But it’s a box, damn it! Wake the hell up!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=evYwPJUY_cc&feature=related outside box

http://www.youtube.com/user/TheNewRight?feature=mhum#p/c/6B66F2E4B58652A3/4/bss6lTP8BJ8 inside box

If you view the video clips, you notice the differences. Paul wants to decrease the control grid built around us for a century. McCain, a signature neocon Republican, and  the modern American answer to control, is about pragmatism, compromise, co-opting the messianic ideas of shared sacrifice and subserviance, and how ultimately all politics is about coin flipping and heads or tails, its all about “reforming” that pile of mush we in it call The Economy.

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