Party Pagents, Which side is more sexy?

Democrats and Republicans call themselves polar opposites, and the apparency is that they are two opposing Parties.. I call them wings of a Central Party. The pagentry that continues endlessly while America burns is over which brand of tyranny is stylish at any given time.

If an elite few standing in shadows , an elite few the Ruling Class aspires to become, wanted to “run the whole gig”, they could never do it by dominate one party rule. They would need two parties, aka, the apparency of two parties. Thus, we have, the two Party system.

Much of the momentum in the sails of the Tea Party movement is beginning to be diverted to Party politics. Those sails once carrying Tea Party goers toward the US Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence, has carried the Tea Party movement toward a McCain win the the AZ GOP Primaries. A “repeal and REPLACE” mentality (pragmatic distancing from principles) by neo-cons like Romney,Perry,Palin, and Gingrich. The Tea Party needs to now “right itself” and set its sail back in the direction of liberty, or it will be folded into the sea, diluted by trillions of gallons of statist soundbites that call for an acceptance of the premises of a dominant class, the ruling elite, holding power and (eventually) total control over the country class (aka-the rest of us).

Its quite possible that we are beginning to see an end to the once great Tea Party. Will political victories buy us time? Yes. Will they stop Obamacare? Mabye. Will they re-affirm the basic meaning of the Declaration of Independence? At this point, I highly doubt it.

When one begins to see, likely in November, John McCain, a senator that has single handedly nearly revoked the First Amendment, being cheered at a GOP Tea Party in Arizona this fall, don’t be surprised. Political victory might be fun white water rapids on the river of life, but that waterfall up ahead is a nation-ending one. Certainly, it’s not a sexy ending. Unless one thinks “rape” could be called “sexy”…and essentially, if you did think that, you could probably call yourself a partisan’.

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