Lisa Murkowski, former Senator, Central Party

Goodbye Lisa Murkowski, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Based on your voting record, I can see you have been quite a dish.

Firmly entrenched in the Republican wing of the Central Party.

Your ideological principles, mostly absentia, or at least, tardy.

Two terms is twelve years, and of you, we have had plenty enough.

Mr. Miller will serve the people, even if the old boys Senate club, gets a little rough.

You can spend Party money, trying to pull a Franken in the ballot count.

We certainly know you were short of personal donations, what was the amount?

Alaska has a libertarian streak, independence for the people, from the elite.

No doubt after your primary loss, you’ll peddle lobby power on Washington DC’s “K” Street.

Make all that¬†speacial interest money, as fast as you can, because you see…

guys like Joe Miller are drinking, cold, hard, brewed and sweetened, Iced T.E.A.

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