They say “Go buy house young man”

They say I should go buy a house. But like most people, I do not have the funds to pay for one…I would need a loan. Likely, a thirty year loan and a 1,000 dollar per month mortgage. But there are 20 million empty homes, one in six homes nationwide, are empty, yet the price of an average home has only dropped about 20-30%, propped up by government fiat tinkering, in the economy. All indicators (all created by government exclusively in the legal sanction of usury, fractional reserve banking, fed action, and bailout/regulatory legislation, have all held prices up. Who knows what the real home price should be in America? But if a time traveler came back to this time from 2020, I would bet dollars to donuts, he would advise me to wait before purchasing a home. My bet, my prediction, is that our whole “money  as  debt” system is faltering, and about to crash to where real home prices need to be, and that those prices will be a fraction of what homes are valued at now. But those 20-30-40 million potential empty homes will not be around in 2020, never occupied, or long vacant homes, rot and fall to pieces rapidly. Cookie cutters made from particles of soft-wood batter. I would bet paying cash for a home may be much more common in 2020, and that learning how to live off grid, WITH power, and learning how to repair  homes in disrepair, just might be a valuable asset in the future. 2020 average home price? Hard to say. Adjusted back to current dollar values, perhaps the price of a current mid-sized standard car,  …. 20,000 $. Cost of repairs? As much, or more. Total cost? A fraction of todays asking prices. If only banks would release the other 70% of foreclosed houses onto MLS. But alas, they are not. Why? Well, why would they crash a false market they have created.. like that?

And what about the millions of upside down loans, squatters, and plain old defaults? Well, if in the future they don’t have “money”, they can pay with “time”. How? Well, debtors prisons cannot be run on jailkeepers debts. They will pay with time through forced labor as military, or civilian recruits.

If the rule of law breaks down before than , expect some chaos. But as sheep-like as boobus domesticus americanus has become, I think excessive law and order, aka, a well-ordered” society, is in our near future. What does that mean? Oh, NOW, you can go back to sleep.

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