Some recent thoughts on Prepping

Prepping for disaster is actually a hobby, and can be fun, however, the question remains, for which disaster scenario does one prepare? Many preppers are wrapping their shortwave radios in aluminum foil, and digging down for an E.M.P. event. Some are prepping for an invasion on US soil. Some expect biblical predictions to unravel. I, am not. The obvious fact is that economic hardships are coming. By that, I mean a depression, and by depression, I mean, unlike the 1930’s, but far worse, than the 1970’s.

Rationing is coming. It might be food, fuel, or fertilizer, all three, or some other three, but expect it. People want their new god, Government, to “do something about “it”, and a fledgling government always makes it worse thru regulations, rationing, and quote/unquote, reforming. Democrats are terrible, Republicans, will be worse. They both answer to the same overseas bankers and are two different flavors of the same poison. The dummies who pay just enough attention to politics to think one brand of poison is better than the other, are going to speed up the national decline to rock bottom as they distract us with partisan offensive and defensive maneuvering. But this is not a nationally adored pastime like a sports game, this is an unmitigated disaster, in spite of the way commentators address it now…as if it were a tit for tat sparing match.

It is un-likely that a scenario will occur that causes water shortages. But if you live in the desert…all bets are off. Food, quality, fresh meats and fruits and vegetables, will be a locally obtained thing, often seasonal.

New cars and trucks will be rare. Car pooling, essential. Sharing a meal with a homeless wanderer, good form. Weapons, likely as plentiful as ammunition. Checkers and chess might replace P.S.III ,X Box, and Wee, with some protest. People will discover some interesting things soon. Heres a list of examples…

1. Power comes from a far away place through vulnerable wires…and not…from that outlet in the wall.

2. Government that can give you everything, can take everything away, that’s Goldwater. People laughed at that, and voted for LBJ, a man who made dependency a generational birthright, and can be directly blamed for hundreds of thousands of needless dead GIs in Vietnam.

3. “Sir, I know your good with books, and payrolls, and home sales, but I need someone who can fix well pumps.”

4. People will discover that lawns are mostly useless tracts of expensive ground that most people call gardens now.

5. Leafs make needed mulch for the garden in spring-time, they do not need to be hauled to the city dump anymore.

6. Plastic containers are valuable water and fuel storage containers.

7. “Oh, ahhh, I get it, that s what all the questions on the census were for, and that’s what selective service means!”.

8. Boards can be placed over windows in winter, curtains can be hemmed into coats.

9. Blue hats = UN troops= not good.

10. “So that’s what elections were for…ahhhh”.

11.  “I will trade you this flashlight, and radio, for that five gallon pail, and those copper wires, deal ?”

I don’t think we are looking at a hollywood “The Road”, or “Mad Max/Road Warrior” scenario. You can prepare by not being dependant, or less dependant, on government. Living closer to work but further from the inner cities. Storing water, or at-least, water-bearing containers. Having emergency food rations. Being as healthy as possible. Cooking with cast iron, putting some sort of fire pit outside, if possible, and learning how to do things like smoking meat, canning, pickling, or dehydrating foods. Paying off all debts possible..and living within your means, a new concept. Understand that not all firewood are equal, and not all firewood come wrapped in packaging from the store. Learning macro-economic concepts like supply, demand, deflation, inflation, and moral hazards from a non-Keynesian source.

Good luck everyone!


And if you do still have mobility, coin, and amnesty from above, a cave home can’t be all bad, can it?…,4644,6655,00.html#2_0

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