Wheat and survival

Wheat has been around for thousands of years. Proper purchasing and storage is important if you want a long-term stow going into a hyper-inflationary depression and potential Civil War. Seed wheat berries can be purchased for around 20-25 cents a pound at local feed and seed type stores, if you live in the city, that means you will need to take a little drive out in the country, but most shouldn’t have to go too far.

The New Survivalist explains what you can do with wheat, where to purchase it, and how you can properly stow it up for a long, long time.

He uses 5 gallon food grade pails and lids, 20X30 inch mylar bags, an iron, an old towel, a 2X4, and 200 cc O2 absorbers, and of course, 300 lbs. of “seed wheat berries” purchased from a feed store.

 Think bulk. A cupboard full of beaney weeny cans, pop tarts, and a bag of flour, won’t go very far.

Heres the video clip…


Between the cost for all the materials, plus the wheat, one person could survive for a year on less than 100 dollars, not comfortably, but feasibly.

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