More data on survival, poo’ flung event

I ran across some advice from a southern man on you tube, in reguards to survival, food and water stowing, ect…very different than a typical beanie weiny suburbanite viewpoint…

And heres the website he recommends…

I’m not a mormon, but mormons don’t fool around when it comes to prepping, and they are veteran preppers, not newbies on the scene. They list basics like wheat, white rice, beans, as well as key cooking ingredients like sugar, non fat dry milk, salt, baking soda, and cooking oil. PETE heavy plastic bottles for water, ratios for sterlizing containers, ratios for sterlizing water, stow room conditions, ect

Order form in PDF below, I recommend giving the centre a little extra cash (healthy tip) since they price all this stuff at cost for no financial profit,  how to FIND a food storage centre…,12568,2026-1-4-39315,00.html

price list…

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