Do Elites Dream of Electric Prodes?

One has to wonder what these control freaks who are more commonly refered to as the Ruling Class, dream of when they go to sleep. It certainly cannot be the same type of dreams the rest of us have. Sheep dream by counting sheep. Ruling Classers dream of sheep prodding.

Prince Charles insists we stop bathing to save the planet…save the planet for what…or for whom? RFID technology will be used to judge you based on what you purchase, and dispose…and where you roam. The water supply is under threat of having Lithium added to it. All for our own good brought to you by those who know best, The Ruling Class, The Central Party, The Enemy.

What other dreams may,  or have come to pass? Well, there’s ‘urban planning’, or, city zoning ordinances. We live, work, and play in pre-approved zones. Theres property confiscation. Payroll ‘deductions’, deflated dollars, eminent domain (latin for “superior ownership”). Mandatory propaganda (public education), smart grid technology (temperature control grid), small business predation (regulations), socialized medicine ( rationed “care” and vaccine “mandates”) and involuntary servitude (draft), where, once there’s no money to take, there’s always time, to take. Take – take – take – !!

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