The Servants of Grand Designs

Many Americans who have survived the depression are under a self-generated false sense of security in regards to their jobs, property, money, and time. But a job is a fickle thing in a desperate economy. Property can be subjected to confiscation for any number justifications, and much of it can be difficult to hide. Money is in the hands of Central Banks, and is subjected to taxation and devaluation to degrees that could potentially make it “negative money”, or a liability, oft commonly referred to as debt. All this subjected to the multiplying effect of interest. When one has no money, or most likely, negative money, than “time” can be demanded of them. This could come in the form of forced prison labor style “work camps”, or a national draft placing people involuntarily into the service of either the military formerly, or into the military-industrial complex, that is, key corporations manufacturing and providing the infrastructural support of war. Whatever the Grand Designs of the elite, the servants rebellion can be postponed through immediate distractions closer to home. What small numbers of protesters do show, turn few heads. The servants are allowed to be “micro-masters” of their own little shrinking worlds of , baseball games, weddings and funerals, and small talk. In a sense, all servants are on a pension, a pension provided by the elite, a pension allowed to be drawn from in the event of a servant becoming less useful to the State, disability, old age, loss of job, sanity, limb..ect.. It is a statement by the elite that says, “We will use you, as you are a resource. When you have served your masters for X amount of time (usually a full lifetime), we will grant you X amount of luxury. If you become a DAMAGED UNIT, we will put you in that same pasture. We will do this, you will follow us, we will make adjustments to your standard of living, you are alloted protest, but this and no more.”
   The Servant is the individuals who have forgotten they “are”. The servant prefaces every act of seemingly sentient action with the “now, I am supposed to..” phrase. Now I am supposed to buy a mini-van, now I am supposed to mow the lawn, now I am supposed to get married and have three kids, now I am supposed to work 9-5 monday through friday, now I am supposed to take out a second mortgage, now I am supposed to go duck hunting, now I am supposed to sheer the black sheep, now I am supposed to look for tax deductions……The list could go on forever. Man has been processed, preserved, prosecuted, protected, perverted, perched, poached, prodded, and preached to. Sentient actions, upon closer inspection, are robotic motions in a free-zone micro libertarian pasture man is expected not to stray from, and it exists almost completely, in his own pre-formed mind, an allocated, rationed, fantasy.
War ? Ok, where do I sign.?…where do I shoot?
Peace? Ok, where are my limits? liabilities?
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