Gov. Chris Christie, the real trendsetter.

On the GOP side of the gubernatorial elections in New Jersey, the primaries had HARD RIGHT candidates square off against moderate potentials like Christie. When it comes to economic responsibility, Christie was expected to be soft, compromising, and ultimately, a big spender, as most GOP’rs end up. Since then, on economics, and fiscal discipline, Christie has shown he is a trend “setter” as the Big. Gov., much to the protest of establishment looters in Jerseys bloated public sector.

  He stands as a lesson to the right, and conservative politicians who consider themselves fiscally responsible, but vote for things like the notorious bailouts and Sarbanes-Oxley. It is, “who cares whether you wear religion on your sleeve in every speech and talk big smack about spending and bad fed action….can you put your money where your mouth is?”

  Every Gov., worth their salt, should look at Christie as an example of what needs to be done before we completely debase our own currency. The establishment is far beyond negotiating with, they are destroying the nation, federally, and, state by state. On purpose. When one compromises with evil, whether individuals, groups, or ideas, one still gets evil, and evil wins.

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