Prep tips for pro-survival types.

As things continue to worsen in the economy, there are some things an individual or family can do to be prepared for a sort of “shit hits the fan” (SHTF) event.

1. Water. Stock up on it. No, not two pints of Evian in the garage…try 5 gallon containers, 3 or more per person per household. Extras coffee filters, extra bleach (for purifying water), and a sistren helps if you live out in the country.

2. Food. Canned, pickled, smoked, dehydrated, or vacuum sealed foods.

3Shelter (including heat). Plastic to seal over windows, extra pieces of insulation, extra cardboard, lots of spare tubes of caulking, spare nails and shingles, kerosene lamps, kerosene, fuel, generators, solar-powered battery chargers, rechargeable batteries, batteries, extra blankets, high rated sleeping bags, esp, double person sized. Extra jackets, lighters, lighter fluid, duct tape, open fire cookware. Ok, I am straying.

4. Security. Guns, ammo, outdoor infrared alarms, binoculars, signal flares, chem lights, extra ammo (for trading as well), bows, arrows, hatchets, crow bars, axes, Kevlar vests, hunting knives, Japanese Samari Swords, Bunker Busters,….ok, I might have started going too far there.

5. Mobility and stealth. Small game hunting via stealth includes bows, pellet guns, and traps. Raising small game in cages, ie: rabbits, chickens, ect… Dark clothing. Extra fuel for vehicles. Check the spare, keep tires in good condition, keep your old tires, keep a bicycle with extra parts for it. Always buy good solid boots and replace them before they are shot, keep the old pair(s). Wet weather gear. Emergency wet weather gear (heavy duty garbage bags). Shoe inserts. Foot powder. Baby powder. Mace. Dog whistle.

6. Health. colloidal silver, tea tree oil, first aid kits, needle and extra thread, extra fishing line, some fish hooks. Super glue is not recommended for cuts, but keep some around, just incase. Anti-biotic salve. Aloe vera for burns. MSM. Superfoods, like algae. Alcohol and aspirin for extreme pain relief. Cal-mag, Natural Calm.

7. Odds and sods. Paper plates, napkins, and toilet paper, not what you have in the cupboards, but three times as much, at least. Salt. Flour. Rice. Coffee grounds. Spices. Medications you need now. Tools. Multi-tools. Dental Floss, tooth picks, water filters, gun cleaning kits and solutions. Skills with weapons, clothes mending, food prep and storage, night and day navigation, ham radio, shortwave, friends, firewood, and flaffels.

8. Recreation. A deck of cards, or more, chess game, yo-yo, paper, pens and pencils, maps, pull-up bar, dumb bells, puzzles, books (university grade or better paper), extra garbage bags, zip-lock bags, extra rope pref. long lengths, extra flashlight bulbs, vinegar, spare fabrics of various thickness’, hook and latch kits, manual meat grinders, sewing machines, and crank radios. Magnesium strips. Copper wire. Electrical tape. PVC Pipe. Extra dog, cat (and other pet) foods, strong magnets, walkie-talkies, blade sharpening stones, grease, tire tubes, waterproof matches, recipes for basic foods like bread, noodles, animal dressing and prep, stews, broths, any meals that can be made quickly with very basic foods , esp., meats and tubers. Garden seeds. Dry Beans. Start composting. Grow a large garden, raise mushrooms in a cellar or basement, dig a dirt cellar out of sight, dig an outhouse, Ski masks, ear muffs, extra mittens, sunglasses, gold and silver coins, fuel stabilizer (a case), large quantities of soap, spices, and water.

There are other things, but I think I have covered most of the basics, and some less basic, survival requirements.

 S.H.T.F. events can be uncomfortable, but they should not have to be life-threatening. Do not let yourself be one of the desperate ones.

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