Enemy recommends Newt and Mitt

Recent polling reported by enemy news media outlets shows that Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney are polling ahead of Sarah Palin, Mitch Daniels, and Rand Paul, as Tea Party favorites. Basically, they are saying that they cannot deal with fiscally sane potential white house contenders, and want the Tea Party-Goers to think that there’s no use fighting the inevitable nomination of someone like Newt Gingrich, who sat on a park bench in a national commercial with Nancy Pelosi, asking us to buy global warming alarmism and a Statist response to it…or…Mittens, Mitt Romney, who provided the blueprint for Obamacare, and raised taxes while Governor of MA.

Mittens Romney, and Newt Gingrich, are also the two goons behind many of the attacks against their more principled ideological opponents on the tattered “right”. Sarah Palin is a ‘complete idiot’, Rand Paul, a ‘rapist drug pusher’, and Mitch Daniels, a ‘Holy Warrior’. All these accusations of course are silly, but the narrative sticks with those who only pay attention to the short sound clips that channels like NBC (GE), CBS (NWO), ABC (123), all purvey to those not paying serious attention, but want a solid concrete accusation to run with in un-educated conversation between reality shows and sitcoms made to lower IQ’s on purpose.

The real sick stuff is the enemy lamenting Ted Stevens death in Alaska (see link below), wishing it were Palin’s fate,who, by the way, is a mother of three(4?) young children . George Bush can buy male prostitution in Bohemian Grove, as can John Kerry, and that’s fine. Rand Paul was in a sorority in college, and he is evil incarnate.

It’s not that the media wants us to re-elect Democrat majorities in November, they know we won’t. They want us to be more unethical, like the perverse Barney Frank, corrupt Charlie Rangel, or Chris Dodd. “We know you sheep will not re-elect these monsters, but we want you to ask yourselves…’is being an evil monster, all that bad?’ ” They want us to change the individuals in power, but accept that deranged anti-freedom tyrannical behavior is really, “not all that bad”. Why?

For the many flaws, Palin, Daniels, and Paul have, they are light years ahead of the majority of the current crop in DC. They may not accept that an individual owns his or her own life at 100% fullness, and they may not consistently advocate, a principled stance for freedom on every issue…but they have a common decency most politicians do not. For this, media outlets focus on their supposed “shortcomings”. This goes for Sharon Angle, and Michele Bachman as well. Notice that women are on the rise? We live in an age where one can simply ask...does this candidate have the ability to roast my children on a spit over an open fire, while playing in coffins with prostitutes as ritual, and attending negative independence galas with globalist murderers? If the answer is no, they might be a decent candidate.

Goons on the right and left keep providing advice to many Tea drinking women these days. The ruling class wants them to go back to their corners and shut the hell up. They don’t fit the established agenda that moves us toward totalitarian dictatorship.

Newt Gingrich, and Mitt Romney, as well as certain other ruling class types like Huckabee, or Pawlenty, are more a danger to this nation, and freedom, than the current crop in office. While Palin is by far not perfect, she has clearly voiced opposition to statism, as has Bachman, and Paul. This is not Kabuki theatre or a god damned baseball game, we are talking about a nation’s life, and the rights of man, on the line, in the next few years. The last Tea Party I attended, did not seem to have a lot of pro Romney types, or pro Jeb-bush types..and that’s because there were no Kool-Aid stands there either. And our faithful watchdog media did show up, after two-thirds of the crowd cleared out after the last speech. The story then made its way onto the silver screen between Levi Johnston epic tales, and 99ers (looters) demanding more unemployment money (since 99 weeks was not enough).

Newt and Mitt are creations of the enemy camp. It’s just that simple.

Sound bites contain no principles, they are simply short propaganda quips made by the ruling class, for general mass, country class consumption, and are designed to keep you watching baseball stats, and not paying attention to your individual rights, under assault.


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