Reverse Liberation Technology

Theres a way that nations can follow, that starts with the individuals, that can lead a nation to rise above its own ashes and become a true Republic. It can be, it has to be done, in gradient steps.

A nation cannot make the transition from anarchy, to democracy, by an over-nite decree. This is because an individual cannot do so as well. The same, it cannot tranform from democracy, to a republic, with some series of laws, enacted one morn by better candidates elected. Theres a level of change, most cannot adjust to quickly. Certain realizations need to be made. An individual must than act within his mind, within the parameters of the new paradigm. “How do I survive in anarchy?” Then, “How do I survive in socialism?” And finally, “How do I survive and begin to thrive in a democracy?” Finally, “How do I survive and thrive in this republic?” It may perhaps be possible for many to roll over one morning and move successfully from anarchy to republic with ease. But those individuals are a minority. Most require changing the temp of their bath water gradually.

And then there’s the flip side of the coin, and what I see as the most dangerous, and most likely scenario in America, to America, as an event.

A nation can be forced down from a high level of freedom rapidly, more rapidly then it can be brought out of the swamp. However, to bring a nation down the spiral by hook, crook, and barrel, an enemy of said nation must operate within it, from some position of authority, whether financial, governmental (usually both), or even religious, or some other cultural position. From said position, this enemy, which I will call Mr. X, knows that in order to get a populace to transform fundamentally from an active citizenry of independent minds, to a flock of sheep inclined to declare their position of “subjects” with some sense of pride, Mr. X will need to gradually convince the nations people that he does not need them, but that they need him. He cannot declare this of course, he needs to simply set up incidents, in multiple areas of the nation, across whole cross sections of the populace, that show this King to Subject relationship. This is Reverse Liberation Technology.

In  America, reversing freedom is about putting the citizenry at effect point of the ruling class. The ruling class, as a class, will not become apparent until enough citizens wake up to realize that they have been snuckered. But how do the ruling class in America put citizens, or, the country class, at their effect? Its done using several vehicles. An income tax. A continually devaluing dollar (inflation). Artificially created economic boom and bust cycles, created through taxation and inflation (stealth taxation). War, which is an excellent way to use Problem-Crisis-Solution on the masses…and a way to tax time directly, rather than through money, using something we refer to as a draft, or, indentured servitude to the State. Regulations are also a governing tool that can be ramped up and eased off with the creation of departments, compartments, and agencies. Open a department charged with internet regulation…and an agency overseeing the felling of trees… then close a department setting prices on mohair. You see? Open two new dictates, close one, for posterity…with the inevitable goal of INCREASE

With Reverse Liberation Tech., or RLT, Mr. X can move a nation to its tolerance levels for pain, then ease back on the throttle, but indeed, and this is key, never relent back to the original free point. Keep long-range freedom, in shrinkage. America, is currently, in a step-up phase of control, commonly referred to as Obamunism. Since the people have resisted Obamunism, Mr. X, or to be more accurate, Agenda X, the created appearances will be that freedom will soon be “on the march”. But this is as things will only “appear”. One may feel great relief in working only 3 months a year for taxes, rather than four, or five, however, the presumption still holds in play that at least, a certain quantity of your time is “owed” to the State. That your life was 50% yours, and is now 70% yours, seems like a great leap forward, however, it was 99% yours in the later half of the 19th Century. Agenda X, is about keeping you focused on the bounce from 50% to 70%. Why? Because Agenda X’s goal is 100% ownership of YOU. Mind, body, spirit, and property.

1776-99% You, 1% State

1801- 90% You, 10% State

1826- 80% You, 20% State

1851-85% You, 15% State

1976- 99% You, 1%  State

1901-85%-You, 15% State

1926-70% You, 30% State

1951- 75% You, 25% State

1976-65% You, 35% State

2001-70% You, 30% State

2026- 55 % You, 45% State

As you will notice, and these are just really rough estimates, the trend is down, and the tendency is for that trend to reverse course to better slightly, than head back down, to all time lows. Now what causes control to long-range increase, and freedom, to long-range decrease? Acclimation, or gradualism. If Agenda X forces a “control period” too quickly, we get an opposite adjustment, in fairly short order. Mr X, knowing this, and being an expert at RLT, will allow the opposition a victory, even allow a whole movement to develop to that end. Mr. X, through history, has sent his agents inside the Camp O’ Resistance to actually assist in this. However, these agents are so clever, that they understand that their real goal is to await orders to halt the climb toward SOME point. These agents are difficult to detect, and exist as whole organizations at times, scattered through the ranks of resisting patriots. The dispatched agents of X, wear a clever disguise, and this disguise prevents the general populace from ever realizing this groups true identity. In fact, Agents of X themselves do not even realize who they are. That is, the mask worn, is the mask of pragmatism.

Pragmatism is not really an idea, its more an anti-idea. Like gravity, v, anti-gravity. Pragmatism inhibits ideals from being spoken, and exchanged. But its most damaging aspect, is that it instills in the individual, the idea, that principles are “the enemy”.

The common uses of pragmatism are dramatized when one hears the following phrases.

“Why go to extremes?” “I think we can find common ground here (with a sadist)” “But you are being rigid, we need to be flexible”

Ofcourse, when evil is addressed this way, the forces of good are rendered defenseless. But controlling forces, ie, Mr X, does not, swoop in to grab power, Mr. X, allows these anti-idea, ideas, to sink in “gradually”, in effect, tenderizing the meat chemically, overnight, rather than with a hammer. Which is, no doubt, the way Mr X looks at the general populace, or, non, ruling country class.

This RLT has been used against the good, which is at least 75% of us, for centuries, perhaps longer. It has worked, and it will, likely, continue to work its magic on all of us.

Our way “out”, is adherence to principles, and not just that, but the proper principles. This is, to consistently advocate for mans right to his own life, at 100% self-ownership. Theres a long way to go, the US abolished slavery based on race (tribalism), and accepted the other side of the same coin pragmatically (economic slavery) shortly after.

It’s time, to abolish “all forms” of slavery. To assert, to declare, to liberate.

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