My Sister Is An Obamazombie, a poem

My sister is an Obamazombie, even though she shops at K-Mart, and not Abercrombie. She bought a house with little down which I will pay for as a taxpaying clown. She has been unemployed for two years now, but she’s on vacation every other week…how? This month shes camping in her new RV, which is also paid for, by you and me. Last month she went to the casino, I know, where in the hell did she get the money, bro?

My sister is an Obamazombie, she cited hope and change throughout 2008. She wanted free day care, little did she know, a free house was her fate. The other day she re-iterated how her life was “so rough”, so who am I to say at Christmas dinner, “hey, I’ve been taxed enough”. She says she’s done working in the private-sector, in logic, I think they call that sort of statement, a cross-vector. If I say my taxes are way too high, she says I am mean, then she buys thousand dollar tickets to Dave Mathews, or Bruce Springsteen..but with who’s Green?

My sister is an Obamazombie, let me make this clear. She has had way too much Kool-Aid, and I could really use a beer. She says the able should sacrifice, and she plans to collect it. I’m really tired of this absurdity, as I reflect on this shit. I work and rent and try to be responsible, but she, and millions of others, are acting rather demonstrable. Her food stamps fill her fridge with steaks, many of which she grills at various cabins on lakes. This really takes me to the cleaners, as I work six days a week for bologna, and  boiled wieners.

My sister is an Obamazombie, this depression aint over yet. Looters like her are still spending weekends at the casino, using my tax dollars to place a bet. As long as this economy, functions in favor of such people, you will find my sacrificial ass on some alter, under The Church of Social Justice steeple. My sister lives and breathes on the backs of those who work, having seven days a week off, must really be some perk ?

So let this be a lesson, for those who vote with their hearts, want to collect cow farts, and other false starts. Clear headed thinking in November, will keep my sister and others, from dismantling this economy into broken, used, disparate parts.

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