Sheep under guidance of goats

As Verizon and Google (goats) team up in partnership with the government to shut down internet freedom, the main stream drive by media shits have accused Rand Paul of kidnapping and raping a woman. Turns out, its not true, but that part, about NOT BEING true, is not being reported.

More than Palin, Rand Paul represents the TEA Parties. He is under assault. The leftist, and neo -con elements (major elements) of the Central Party (goats) will not relent. Nor will I. They will have to shut down my free speech online, then I will hit the streets, stapling signs onto the ass’s of all the sheep still swooning for global new world orders, totalitarian security, and I Got Mine-isms.

I am part of the Resistance, until I draw my last. It empowers me to know I am not alone, and that upsets the goats apple cart.

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