The Obama Decline

Obama has less to do with decline than most people give credit to. The decline is caused more by the ideology he and his advisors carry, his Central Party (Republicans and Democrats alike) subscribes to, and what many Americans perceive as “hope and change”.

Nile Gardiner has written an amazing piece in the UK Telegraph, outlinning the 10 reasons for Obamas decline and fall, as America, kicking and screaming, is being drug down for the ride.

Heres the link…

Obama is essentially, a reflection of what the people behind him, want. He is the figure head of totalitarianism, what terrible philosophers and scholars have advocated for centuries, what shadowy figures behind the scenes benefit from. What insulated, panicing followers refuse to LOOK at for what it really is. Obama also represents what Americans have failed to address, confront, and fight against since the American Revolution hundreds of years ago. In that sense, what he inadvertantly brings with him is a boiling tea pot, a dose of ideological clarity for the masses that once ingested his vauge notions, notions that are now becoming more concrete, every day.

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