The Cantor Question

Republican House Minority Whip Congressman Eric Cantor (VA) asked yesterday (to paraphrase) ‘we are going to have to ask ourselves, does the private sector exist to serve the government, or does the government exist to serve the private sector?’.

Now I submit, that if it has come down to this basic, fundamental, question, than things are about to go into rapid free-fall in this nation. This is tantamount to asking, ‘should people have their fundamental rights rationed, or not?’ Or, even more fundamentally, as the famous bard once said, “To be, or not to be..that is the question..”.

The answer to rights of course, is that rights cannot be rationed, if they are being rationed, they never existed to begin with. Rights are inalienable, which means they exist, in spite of repeated denials, no matter the strength of voice, or number of times denied and repeated. When you think rights, think gravity. Gravity can be denied, but its mechanics and imposition remain. A jet aircraft is not the denial of gravity, it is an affirmation that it exists, as no one floats at will, into the stratosphere. Thus we have two pillars of reality, free will, and fact.

The current batch of despots knows full well that gravity (inalienable rights of every individual) exist…but they want you to think that you can float your body to Mars and back again at will (they hold the passkey to rights), so that you roll over like a toy poodle, wag your tail, and let the wolf approaching you do what he does, which is simply tickle your tummy for your cuteness, goochie, goochie, goo. (and yumm-yumm too, as the wolf rips open that tender under-belly).

It’s not about “knowing your rights” or cashing in “on your (so-called) privileges”, it’s about asserting your basic rights, the fundamentals outlined in the Bill of Rights in the US Constitution, and first eloquently stated in the US Declaration Of Independence.

A few years back, after 9/11, House speaker Dennis Hastert said, “We are going to have to re-define Individual Rights”. He wanted to put an erasure to mans rights. He wanted to deny gravity with gun-toting gravitas. Yesterday, with the Minority Whips conclusion, we are about to find out just how educated the American people really are. Will they riot for their pensions and perks which stopped coming in the mail? Or will they declare their independence again as their forefathers did. And at what price? For as Ayn Rand repeatedly warned ‘you cannot have your cake, and eat it, to.


 The Eric “Can’t/Or” question assumes we either ,

A. – ‘Can’t’ assume the Declaration of Independence still applies, or,

B. – Either/’Or’,  (tyranny, or a Republic), can just be whimsically, flipantly, pragmatically chosen, just as a referee tosses a coin to decide which team starts the game with ball possession.

I know, it’s absurd.

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