Obama and Co. Scurry

The Obama regime gorillas are watching their poll numbers crash, watching the nation burn with disgust, and watching ‘enemies’ abroad, mobilize. This administration has sent billions to Mexico and Brazil, trillions to banks for failure, placed billions toward bureaucracies in energy, finance, and health care. This regime has enriched the world bank, George Soros, lobbyists, and the government of Greece, while lovingly watching hoards of people line up and riot over subsidies for being irresponsible, while vacationing in royal style, while being apologized for by the major media outlets. It has threatened free speech on airwaves and on-line. It has botched any attempt to lead in a crisis. It has arrogantly replied to America by calling it racist, bitter, and clingy. It has passed bills without sufficient votes, funding, or titles. What politicians on both sides, but particularly with the Democrat wing now, have essentially done, is drenched your home with accelerant, lite the match, dropped it, and then apologized for not warning you as you race inside to save your family.

As the USS America sinks, politicians are taking to the limited amount of lifeboats, with the really good ones yelling for the people to “swim!”, and the really bad ones batting the people over the head with oars while they struggle to keep above water. These criminals are stroking, or, scurrying away, like rats from a burning home that they have torched. They are still listening of course, they want to hear the people submit, and beg for mercy. “Where is my Volt subsidy?” “Where is my second home bailout?” “Where my section 8 rent subsidy and food stamps?” They love hearing those kinds of things. Privately, among themselves, the ruling class elites are likely purchasing properties in South America, as the Nazi regime members did when they knew their ship was sunk. They tell you to consume more, and borrow more, while they hoard gold and silver and more power. Wake up America, stop flipping through the TV channels watching the sports scores, look up, look around, notice the lifeboats disappearing on the distant horizon.

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