The Janitor and the T-Bone.

Every week in my small town I go to the local laundromat for a weekly ritual I call ‘ two hours of burden’, which is to say in 21st Century terms, watch giant washers and dryers tumble and fumble my dirty rags into spotless wonders of sanitary cloth. On about every third or fourth visit to “The Mat”, I run into the Laundromat janitor. The janitor is a late fifties man who works hard, has an opinion, and loves the things he values and does not take well to threats to those values he loves. The Janitor also works at a grocery store, since he needs the money (a good father) and he has a bum ticker, which , he could collect disability for and not work at all, but the man is of the proud American variant and has a work ethic tacked right along with that pride. All traits to admire.

Today, Janitor went on a rant. At the local grocery where he also works, he witnessed many EBT card wielding Hispanics loading up their carts with T-Bone steaks and soda pop. Why do people with EBT cards load up on canned soda? More on that later. Often, they mix and mess up the carefull placement of refrigerated meats looking for the most expensive cuts. This frustrates Janitor, for two reasons. The first reason is that, as I mentioned earlier, he has a 20th century work ethic. AKA-work hard, value the customer, do your damndest. Janitor likes to keep the meat orderly for actual paying customers, who complain after waves of EBT-Card looters tear through the meat department. But he does what he can, each time, fixing and ordering the meats for those “paying” customers. The second reason for Janitors frustration is that at the end of the day, a T Bone is an extreme rare treat in his household. He explained in his rant to me this morning that, to paraphrase..’the mexicans race through with their free food card, mess up all the meats, load their carts down with T-bone steaks,…and I (Janitor), have to go home after a long hard days work at two different jobs with a frigging pack of wieners.’

Can anyone relate to this frustration?

The definition of a recession is when resources within a given economy are re-allocated. For this recession, the real estate agents become nurses, and the bankers become jail wardens…or inmates, depending on who they circle with. The economy thus, gets back on track, and real growth begins. I realized that in America, we are a long way from the welfare queens going home with wieners, and hard workers bringing home T-bone…but when Janitor does bring home a T-Bone, when that, or if that day ever arrives, I know, that signs of the economy coming back to life are emerging. For now, he gets wieners.

And recall I mentioned that EBT card, or food stamp bearing individuals buy alotta canned soda pop? Heres why. They take the 24 pack of cans of soda, open them up outside in the parking lot of the grocery store, dump them out to curious onlookers who indirectly pay him to do so, take the empty cans, place them into the aluminum can vending machine that gives them money back for the pop cans…takes the money back, goes into the same store, and purchases a pack of ciggarrettes…thought smokes could not be included in welfare payments? Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

The next time I go up to the Laundry, I might run into The Janitor. But before I go up there, I am going to get a styrofoam cooler, fill it half full of ice, and half full of T Bones. I am going to wrap a frigging bow around it and refuse to take NO for an answer as I present the beef (which I rarely even buy myself) to the Janitor, and if there’s room, I may even stuff a package of wieners in the cooler for good measure.

I support the productive, and am against, personally, and in principle, the looting bastards who are doing everything in the book to destroy the workers that feed them. You should to. Every Sunday, I proclaim, “support the producers week”, where just one day in seven I can see to it that my earnings are going to some one person, who is “worth” it.

For now, we are a long way from bailed-out bankers eating weiners, but  let  them  eat  T-bone…and cake…there’s a real education for the looting/ruler class, just around the corner.

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