Immigration, Statism, and Freedom

Arizona as a state has a right to act in a way to protect its citizens inalienable rights. The AZ law requiring already law violating people to show proof of citizenship is necessary. But is the actual solution to end immigration with Mexico? I contend, no. While it is true that Mexicans do pose a drain on the Welfare State, the welfare state is illegal. Which would you advocate, a trillion-dollar wall, or an end to the welfare state? While it is true that drug runners from mexico (lower-case because it is a failed state) are creating havoc in the southwest and elsewhere, would you rather spend a trillion on placing a million troops in major cities and border areas to combat it? Or, would you rather see an end to drug prohibition in America? Freedom is a universal solvent.

But where will Mexican immigrants go? Where have all immigrants gone in history? The cheap places, of course. What happened as Irish, German, Italian, and Brit immigrants came into the US throughout the past centuries? The economy boomed, and the standard of living rose, to higher points, that any nation has seen, in recorded history. Capitalism was the vehicle. Immigrants and their children’s children, were the drivers. And while some have currently and historically, rode in the back seat for a free ride…the standard of living kept rising, regardless. Immigration is good for an economy. Immigration is good for general standards of living. Immigration is part and parcel to the very notion, of capitalism, in the strict, free market sense that I refer to it as.

But where would immigrants go? In our current recession, I can think of about twenty million places, called empty homes. Remember reading about the homestead act? Seen any YouTube clips of Flint MI or Detroit lately?

A new Homestead Act is needed. Most houses in Detroit run for about 5,000 dollars US. Trade that for citizenship and you have a revenue equal, solution to the housing crisis. Don’t put white welfare cases in them to default…put Mexican immigrants (or any new citizen immigrants from a variety of nations) in them by offering these low-cost houses in exchange for citizenship instantly. Put a cherry on top by offering to waive the property taxes for five years so long as the new citizens stay in said home for at least 5 years, improving it, of course, similar to Homestead Act requirements over a century ago.

To sum The big 3.

1.- End prohibition, you own your own life, including your body.

2. – End The Welfare State, you own your own property, in full, not in part.

3. – Homestead Act for the 21st Century.   Immigrants enter through checkpoints, and can obtain either a work temp visa (path to citizenship in 5 years with no felonies), or instant citizenship with their purchase and up-keep of a home paid in full, up front, pending no felony convictions in the first 5 years (instant-conditional citizenship)..and …to boot, property tax-free for the first 5 years pending property is kept up to condition at purchase or better.

There are enough Mexicans alone living illegally in the US to nearly rectify the housing crisis aspect of the melting economy. There are also probably as many Mexicans living currently in mexico, a failed state, who would jump on this…potentially increasing real home values, not to mention commercial property values, which increases money available in the economy for capital investments in other sectors of the economy.

#1* note, just as a side note, the official language of the United States should be declared English, on a federal level. This should not be confused with requiring all citizens to speak English, but that courts of law, and public schools should primarily teach ENGLISH. That is, until public education is abolished in favor of people paying for their own, damn it. States can address the details on this requirement as needed.

#2 note, I am under no illusions that the current crop of tyrants in Washington would ever consider even one of the three above resolutions, much less all 3, which would be needed to really fix the problem. That is why elections (poll toilets) were created, to flush the old turds out.

Just my 3 cents.

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