‘Gate’way Eugenics as charity

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has allied with multiple multi-billionaires, not ‘to create wealth’, but to resolve the ‘poverty problem’. As all good UN tyrants and tyrant advocates do, they do the do by not advocating freedom, but advocating forced vaccinations, and even recently, nano-synth viruses placed IN mosquitos. The ruling class concedes typically, that problems of poverty and ‘gaia-rape’ are solved by lowering populations.

Heres a reference to the gala of altruistic globalism…


The problems of economics can be resolved by the acknowledgement of the idea of Individual Rights, ones right to live for ones own sake (for the things and people, including himself, he values, not what OTHERS value), and this is the crux of freedom, micro, and macro.

Problems do not resolve through liquidation on mass scales, ask the Germans how that worked out. It got ugly (for those of you who are historically disabled).

The best thing any Billionaire can do with his or her wealth is to use it to generate more wealth, but of course, in an environment that allows for said wealthy to dispose of it by their own choice and own free will…uncompelled by others.

Ultimately, the “New World Billionaires Club For Super-altruist-gods and ordered society”, will dispense of said wealth as “Tax Shelterous Extrordinaire”, which is French-Latin for, “you subjects pay your dues, I’m shifting my wealth around and getting good PR and uber-tax loopholes”.

This money will be used to protect itself, and to serve the UN’s eugenics program of eliminating footprints on Gaia, one shot at a time. Also, note history, whenever wealth conglomerates and shifts this much all at once, big WARS ensue shortly.

My 2 cents.


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