Reaffirming the Second

The Second Amendment exists as a final stop gap measure against tyranny, on micro, as well as macro levels. Someone once asked me what the best sort of weapon or gun is for one to own. I thought about close-in protection and the shotgun or basic pistol. I thought about the AR-15, for mid range targets, and the 306, for more distant targets. But my answer was much more fundamental, as well as, in most states ( I believe ) legal. That is this, the best gun one can own is an unregistered one. When you make your weapons purchases, make sure it is a legal purchase of an unregistered gun if at all possible. If you live in an area where legality is an issue, then one shotgun and one small pistol, are fine choices..even though you are now registered and on a list with the wrong people you want to be on a list with. If you live in an area where right now, guns are near impossible to own or use…think seriously about moving because criminals, and any other BAD people you might imagine, have the upper hand.

My 2 cents.

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