Freedom and The Draft

An excellent article was written recently at CapMag on the coming Draft of Americans. Titled “You Don’t Own Me”, I recommend everyone, esp those under 42 years of age, read it…

I cannot stress enough, if you are under 42, you could be drafted into either community service, or the military very soon. Those in power, on both sides, want nothing more than to have the privilege of making you be subservient to them, as a micro example, recall your last experience with the TSA at the airport.

Every human being has a right to exist for his or her own sake, you own your life, in full, 100 %. It is non negotiable. The common denominator with 99.9 % of every politician is that they have a goal of convincing you that you own less than 100% of yourself. The better ones might say 90% or 68%. The worse ones say 10%, or say its LESS THAN ZERO. Think about that the next time you hear one of their ideas. What does that given idea assume for self-ownership? If its less than 100%, they are just plain wrong. Never accept anything less, if you do, the % will drop, guaranteed.

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