Some thoughts on the Revolution and States

In the United States Constitution, all powers not clearly laid out in the Constitution, it is specifically stated, are left to the States, and the people. This command to the federal government of course has been beyond violated.

States can reject federal laws in a process known as nullification. States can also legally succeed from the union, but this could not be justified unless an attempt to nullify was made. Health Care Tyranny is but just one example of reasons to separate the bonds.

Some numbers and stats on debt,

Every 72 years (approx) the pot boils over. There was the last paradigm shift, the Great Depression and WWII, 72 years before that, the Civil War, and about 72 years before the civil war there was the Revolt of the Colonies.

I don’t think this is astrological, of course, but I think it has something to do with generational memory. 72 years approximate, is when there are no people left of any substantial numbers or influence, from the last paradigm shift, or major change in a given national/cultural region, ie U.S. The years 1929-1945, correlate with the years 2001-2016. I expect things will get much more interesting from here out, and that in 5 years we will look back and say, “wow, so that happened”.

The majority of federal congress is totally corrupt, states may have no choice but to intervene for the purposes of basic survival.

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