Government Motors equals Chevy Volt

If you wield the power of force, and you cannot persuade an individual to buy your cars, even after, lets say, you have allocated money away from open heart surgeries for elderly subjects, toward subjects who want a show car from the Government to showcase their solidarity with the concept of force…..and you still cannot sell your new socially engineered car, lets call it, a VOLT…than what do you do? You require that the subjects of the land, the lower, peons, you know, the country class, pay a fee to use an internal combustion powered car ( or practical mode of transportation as most of us call it), that will nudge, or, covertly force, consumers (subjects) into your Hasbro Hasslicle, or Moonbat Minor Migraine, or in this case, Silly GM Volt.

From here out, as you see the Volt parked in people’s drives, I want you to remember this, for every Volt parked in some idiots driveway, there’s the flip side of that coin, there’s some poor elderly woman living on socialism security and medicare, who cannot get rationed open heart laser surgery because its cheaper for the surgeons to break the ribs and go in mechanically….like they do in life rationing Canada. Unless of course, you are a government sponsored wealthy person, than laser open heart will be available for you in Mexico, a failed state, but in the future, not as bad off as, Obamaland. A nation once great, but ripped to shreds ON PURPOSE by a group of Agenda 21 thugs.

Companies fail when they fail to find and meet demands of consumers. Unless its the 21st Century, and a bunch of gangsters invade your government and insist that failures be propped up at all costs, as long as they are “your people”.

The revolution has already started. They started it by confiscating our very souls and liberating monsters (legislation) upon us– to destroy us.

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