Bush (The Pre-Obama,Prima-Donna) Is Back

Decision Points, Bush Part Twos new book, will promote the kind of new world order Obama is diligently promoting now. Bush will be interviewed by Matt Lauer, uber-statist talking mouth, on NBC, GE’s evil, brought to life.

This is all to position, with support of Liz Cheney and Karl Rove, a new Old Boy candidate from the faux right. Possible puppets include Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, candidates who think they can nudge the tea parties over to the dark side…as well as give the left a pragmatic exit door from Obammunism. This is a fatal conceit in strategy by the neocons.

Already, Rove is chastising Palin, in an effort to keep her talking points more in line with Central Party rhetoric. There must be something to Palin, if old boy Dem and Repub wings of the Central Party are attacking her this early.

Watch for continued attacks from the Dem wing and Repub wing, focusing more on Palin, perhaps a couple of traps laid for her at her Fox (FauxNews) job.

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