One and a half billion lab rats

Communist China serves as an example of future government control structures. In China, you are free, to the degree your government, the Communist Central Party, SAYS you are free. Your freedoms are allocated, or, rationed out. You can have the freedom to work, to protest…in protest zones at pre-approved times, with pre-approved subjects. You are free to move about…in designated areas. You are free to have a family, don’t forget the one daughter limit. You are free to start a business, with approval of local officials.

The United States is rapidly moving toward this model. Many large corporations know this, and are now headquartered in Communist China, where business taxes, and general operational regulations, are less onerous. Test Zone One is Communist China. Patriots to the American way of life, of equal freedoms above authority, where freedom sits atop the pyramidal social structure of society, need to question the direction of their governments, federal, state and local.

One and a half billion lab rats, the Chinese people, do not signify a new freedom spreading through the world. They simply signify a new order of the way “things ought to be run”…according to the ruling class here in America, throughout the world, and with a majority of both factions (Dem. and Rep.) of the American Central Party.

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