Should big media shut my blog down?

The Ruling Class dolts at CNN and other mass media players, have strung out the narrative that blogs, such as this one, should be censored, or even shut down. Now understand their chosen one, Obama, has not been doing well in popular polling, but do they want to go this far? Maybe, bloggers, and readers of such blogs as this one, need to be told what to read, and where to go to read it, after all, the “rulers” know whats best for us , the subjects, the buffoons, the aimless mislead, bitter clinging random particles of suspected slanderous activities. I mean, lets look at this the way CNN, and MessNBC might look at it.

   Some poor, unsuspecting dolt might come across this blog, read a few passages, and think perhaps the world is not flat, Tom Al Friedman is wrong, the news might not be the news, but propaganda fed to us piecemeal by reptilian shadow gods from Planet X, and I am certifiable. To think, humff.

   The question is not “should the major main stream media giants have Uncle Sam shut my blog down?”, but rather, “should we even bother debating the credibility of these ruling class thugs?” Is it even up for debate anymore that the mainstream media that sold boobus domesticus on the idea of hope and change (which turned out to be, “brother can you spare any change?”) is even viable in the realm of reality. They exist because of something called the First Amendment, which they now fashion as a weapon for Justices like Kagen to wield against us…for our own collective good.

   Should the First Amendment be considered viable in the era of selling bailouts and stimuli? Should the First Amendment be considered viable in the era of Woodstocks Chickens, coming home to roost? Should the First Amendment be considered viable in the era of “rulers”, and “the ruled”, we subjects who need to be forced into an info-feed that welds our minds into a more amendable product that globalists, environazi, fascist, socialist, eugenists can more easily deal with?

   This is the manifestation of power, laid open for all to see. The brown shirted, jack booted ruling class let loose on the sheep, who are corralled and confused. If americanus boob-oid domesticus does not wake up from its slumber, than time will be UP shortly. Once taken, the First Amendment cannot be “debated, or argued back”.

   Give me liberty, or give me death.

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