Whats a Treasury Secretary For?

A Treasury Secretary should be addressed by individuals, including the President, as, THE Treasury Secretary. Obama calls him “my treasury secretary”. Take that however you will.

Our Treas. Sec. seems to think that his job is to pay off cronies through printing currency and indebting us to offshore interests, wait, watch the economy fall apart, then right when America is staring down the abyss of depression, a treas sec. can say “it was your fault america! You were spending too much.” This is what The Treasury Secretary, Turbo Tax Tim, (his new title) has announced.

As things continue to fall apart, expect to see more blame carefully laid on the taxpayers, by the recipients of the tax dollars. Yes, think of it that way, we hire representatives to maintain the peace, and allow us to thrive. They do neither, than blame the ensuing disaster on the people who placed them in office. In some respects, its true, but not for the reasons they claim (our lack of lambability), but because we have elected them, or elected the globalists that appointed them.

Take a good look at your Federal government, most of them, when this is said and done, will be forced to live offshore, someplace where they can’t be extradited back. The Nazis did the same thing. Because voting them out will not be enough, we will have to put them before the courts of law, the ones they now are trying to subvert and corrupt, and then we will have to charge them with conspiracy to commit fraud, fraud, and treason. I think treason still allots for capital justice (descretion excersized by the sentencing judge presiding). They know this, they are contemplating what to do next, and that is what I mean by, “we live in interesting times”.

When evil men are cornered, most people begin to realize, that they have taken these evil men as good men, for far too long.

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