Food Inc., movie review

Food Inc., is a documentary on modern food in America.

Early on we are shown a chicken barn and chickens in it. I have been to them. It is an acurate portrait. Some of the comments on indebted chicken farmers was very misleading. True, you buy a barn for 400,000 dollars and take home a profit of 20,000 per year (1,000 hrs labor)…until the barn is paid off, in 8-10 years. Then, your profits are about 200,000 a year for 4-8 years before barn remodeling is needed. Thats about 1-2 million net before the barn mortgage ends (all costs figured in), which means you take home in the end,, at least 400,000 in 16 yrs, and up to 1,000,000 dollars/barn. Thats 16,000 hours of labor for (depending on your work ethic, skill, and a little luck)  about 700,000 dollars, for an average income of 43,000 dollars a year (about median individual full time workers average this in a 40 hr week, non-union)) at 20 hrs a week for the chicken farmer (about half the hours). Two barns, and its full time, 40 hrs per week for double the average wage. Thats not bad. You can’t get rich unless your good, and expand fast, with help of existing land ownership as collateral. I live near the second richest per capita county in the USA because there are bird farms all over that county. Back to Food Inc.

One farmer commented than 200 bushel corn is no problem. Really? On good Iowa ground, in a average to good year, yes, 200 BU / acre is no problemo. Average national rates are 150 bu/acre.

Monsanto. My conclusion on these guys is this. Monsanto is in collusion with the government to reap tyranny on non Monsanto customers in ag. End the collusion. Let Monsanto succeed or fail on its own merits or lack thereof.

Theres a debate that rears in Food Inc on organic v regular produce and meats. In the end, consumers will have to decide that debate, not the FDA, USDA, or PepsiCo, Smithfield, or Tyson Foods. Consumers should make more data demands on processors AND retailers. No new set of regs or laws is a cure, but would do what they do now, more damage.

An interesting film, one farmer was touting how he had grass fed beef, behind him were some of his pigs, which were corn fed, he ragged on corn, right in front of this. Its funny the filmakers never noticed this. Workforce exploitation ofcourse came up, but the filmakers are socialists, they probably think that they will need unions in the afterlife as well. Even immigration is brought up.

I recommend it, but take it with a grain of salt, organic growers want your money as well, and make overt little lies of co-mission about as much as regular factory food inc.ers make  sneaky little lies of O-mission.

Camparable to Super-size This, or A Midwestern Tale.

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