Financial Reform Bill Is A Wrap, So Whats Next?

The other day President Barry Soetoro   Obama signed the new financial “reform” bill into law. The key feature in this bill, now law, is that the Federal Reserve, which is no more federal than FedEx, has a new department within it, run by the Fed Reserve, that has the power to take over any company, or any whole sector of the economy by force, if it dubs this sector or company, a failure risk, or risk failure to cause systemic failure (the old domino theory).

Let me put this another way, to give you a better perspective of the situation.

The mighty hand of force, The State, Our Government, has handed over economic dictatorial power to a private banking cartel. As the economy continues to collapse, this cartel will be screaming systemic risk HERE, and systemic risk THERE ! All, while it takes over ownership of these companies, their jobs, and their profits, in the interests of the collective. At what price? Who cares when the PRIVATE banking cartel in question controls the printing of money.

Who operates the Fed Reserve behind the big curtain? The same people who run the IMF. The World Bank. Who controls the World Bank? Why, specialists in global warming, socialization of collective health services, vaccines, loans, currency inflation and deflation rates, wars, over-all financial expansion and or contraction specialists, and of course, the completely benevolent, eugenists.

It’s not about money, in the grand scheme, or debt. It’s about control, power, who holds the puppet strings. We are being dismantled as a nation, as a culture, and as a species.

So whats next?

Think this depression is near its end? Doug Casey, who has been predicting it for decades, has said we are 3 innings into a nine inning baseball game, and that things absolutely will not change for the better UNTIL we here in America (and world-wide) have reached ROCK BOTTOM. We are no where close to rock bottom. Most Americans (an observable fact) still pay more attention to Linsey Lohan, or Tiger Woods, than a rapidly expanding socialist/police state. The what? “Hold on, I’ve gotta pizza in the oven I need to check”.

You will know the difference between today, and six months from now, they will be profound. Obama plans to be re-elected through fear in 2012, as any typical tyrant rises out of hope, they can only prevent or delay their fall by fear.

NOTE **{{ The cure to this globalist new world order is to take back the governments of the world through the election process, an invention they created out of fear, and have had difficulty controlling, out of fear (of being caught!). But it does not end there. Governments should be separated from economics as they oft are by religions. This means, ending the power to TAX, revenues should be voluntarily contributed, ending the power to COIN MONEY, which conceeds the ability to create debt and allow hidden banking elites control, and ending the power to REGULATE, which is an assumption of guilt and non-objective form of “law”. Consumers regulate by purchasing decisions, that means, THE PEOPLE, States, empower hidden interest groups to distort markets and prey on production through legislative and judicial assault from above. Democrats and Republicans never propose these ideas because it eliminates the need for Democrats and Republicans. The Party Paradigm helps maintain the slavery we exist in, and in fact, makes it a deeper slavery over time. }}

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