Bug Out Prep List

Bugging out is leaving an area that you normally reside in, for “higher” or “safer” ground in the event of a local or national emergency.

Every individual and family has differing needs. Those things that you need, should be double stored and packed in a bag, and available during a quick exit move, not in public storage. Everyone needs certain basic items.

1. First Aide Kit

2. Fresh clean water.

3. Half a tank of gas, or a bicycle

4. Living within walking distance of at least 3 people you trust with your life.

5. 3-21 days of canned or vacuum packed foods.

There are a host of other things people may want to put in their own BUGOUT bag. Some things a bug out bag should not include are..

1. Makeup.

2. encyclopedia Set

3. High School Yearbooks.

4. Kitchen Sink.

If you are a pack rat, your doomed. Pack everything you need in one bag, it can be a cheap, duffel sized, waterproof bag, or a sturdy backpack. If you want to pack a second bag for a slow bug out, dont, use plastic totes, label them, pile them in storage or deep in a closet, out of sight, as things you could safely return for later, or load in the car or truck in advance of an actual bug-out event you may forsee is coming soon. Remember, clean water is your friend, 3 days without water, and your dead. One gallon of bleach will store for about a year, and it can clean alot of water, so always keep two gallons or more available in your place of residence.

There are other important items you should keep nearby, you know what they are, keep them in mind, clean, and packed for a bugging.

Don’t forget hygiene items and medications, keep them stocked in extra quantities. Do not attempt to raid the local grocer or gas station when things are getting hairy, prepair now, and don’t put yourself in a life threatening position just for a few supplies you already have.

Other misl. things might include…waterproof matches or magnesium strip, weapon such as a handgun or shotgun, ammo, waterproof tent, sturdy garbage bags, rope, collapsible shovel of the spade type, gold or silver coins or jewelry, extra glasses, canned foods that are high water or protein, peanut butter, dried/dehydrated fruits, vacuum packed foods, beans and rice, antiseptic, large bandages, rain gear (heavy-good qual), backpack, short-wave/AM radio, extra batteries (rechargeable), battery charger(s), flashlights, mirror, mace, wasp spray, black and red spray paint, emergency candles (slow burning), refillable lighter, extension cord, extra boot laces, needles and thread (various guages), knives, can opener(s), eating utensils(3-4), pure chocolate, foot powder, lots of extra sox, a couple of very good sturdy broken in pairs of boots, money (cash), and yourself, stay calm, don’t panic or allow yourself to go into shock.

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