Border with Mexico breaking down, Oakland imploding.

With footage all over You Tube showing a mass immigration from Mexico through the porous border,  and violence in border towns is getting ramped up as drug cartels vie for control of their streets. Oakland,CA, not a border town by any stretch, has laid off at least 10% of their police force and told its community that it will no longer have the resources to respond to common crimes like assault and burglary. If homes values sank 50% over the passed two years in Oakland, how much will they sink now? Oh, and by the way, forbid we empower individuals, good luck buying, owning, or using a gun for protection if you live in Oakland, the city has long ago subverted the US Constitution. The solution is a reaffirmation of the principle of individual rights, in both locations (and issues), however, the reaction of the US Government will be an ever tightening noose called the Police State.

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