Why Cap and Trade Is Bad

It is a cruel joke among those supporting and advocating Cap & Trade Legislation that the noose is set with its passing. When the methane a cow exhausts through its ass can be taxed, so can the air YOU exhale . If all nations share air globally, it is no stretch to see this is a globalist control mechanism. Welcome to the smart grid, the rationed future, the subservient subjects of a new world order are united (herded) through force by their adored leaders, the ones who parted the seas, made the sun rise, and promised freedom…IF…

The Asian Pacific Region, The European Union, and North America are under direct threat, the enemy is within are promoting feudalism, corporatism, Statism, fascism, socialism, altruism, monitorism, and globalism. Cap and “Tax” will cause starvation, disease, corruption, and war. It is not just “bad legislation”, it is a return to the Dark Ages that Europe endured for over 1,000 years. It is suffering and death made real, enabled by an elite few with an agenda that wants to shut you up, and hold you down.

Cap and Trade legislation has nothing to do with clean air and water, or sticking IT to the MAN. If that is what turns your crank, you have fallen prey to the elites promoting it. Wake up.

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