Radio Frequency Identification

RFID. does it send a tickling sensation up your leg? Conditioned Christians say RFID is the mark of the beast. Statists say it’s a technology that should be out of the hands of the “corporations” and into the hands of the blessed State. Oh that’s fresh. What fresh, hell. Passive and battery-powered RFID tags are starting to crop up everywhere. Passports have it. Soon, drivers licenses and other IDs will have it. Soon, nearly everything you purchase will have it, passive, or, aggressive. In a free society, that means there will be a market for privacy that expands. Don’t want to be tracked by McDonald’s? Don’t eat there. McDonald’s sales down? Stop tracking your customers.

In a mixed economy, a mixture of free markets and unfree . regulated and presumed guilty, markets controlled by the ultimate monopolizer, The State. Heres where it gets tyrannical, in a sort of teddy bear soft fashion. The State says RFID is ok, but not in these six industries. RFID tags have a special tax. But these industries are exempt…military, and green. People can be tracked by corporations, but cannot acquire disruption devices…or jammers that operate on the same radio frequency. Is your garage door opening for no reason? Did your car just start when Grandma walked past it with her raybans on? Law suit, but limited liability, enforced by the courts, specifically, the RFID Courts. What stale hell.

In a police state, who knows who the terrorist is ? Just tag them all. Those too mobile get extra carbon taxed, those too unpredictable can be sent to re-education camps. Purchasing more than the IRS thought you were? Knock knock, someone in camo is at your door. Corporations? Just extensions of the state, after all, they “owed” the state after all of them benefitted from all those bailouts that crashed the dollar. Simplifys things. Too many bread types? How about just one type, rationed, with RFID, thank you. Still have a tingle up your leg?

It’s not the tag, or the tracking, that we should really be worried about. Its freedom of choice, freedom to choose not to purchase. Freedom to live, decide, purchase, disrupt, scramble. RFID is the mark of the State when a Republic is falling. We should be careful not to become anti-technology, but be anti-Statism. In the meantime, given the worlds current climate, governments current view of their subjects, and your average individuals inability to differentiate between force, and persuasion, keep your eyes on this one, because coupled with a battery-powered chip beneath the skin, one is not just an easy ready-made slave, but a literal robot.

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