Who are Boobus Domesticus ?

Austerity Measures, coming to America soon. 

 For an example of what they will look like, witness Oakland,CA. The laid off policeman, and police responding less to common crime, and working more exclusively toward revenue generating measures such as fines and traffic ticketing. Couple this with protests and riots. Are you starting to get the picture yet? Austerity Measures also mean higher taxes for fewer services, an inevitable result of the Welfare State. Where will this tax revenue ultimately be going? Down a black hole apparently, in reality, it goes offshore to the cartels we owe trillions in interest to, via the Federal Reserve, which is no more “Federally Owned”, then is “Federal Express (FedEx)”. The welfare state, to be expanded in that sort of climate…means more force by the state will have to be applied on the people. Many of us are aware of this coming attraction to the streets of America. But most Americans are not aware of this, not even in some sense. Why? They are busy golfing. Going to sporting events. Grooming their lawns (which will be necessity gardens soon enough), ordering their home delivered pet medications, playing Farmville on Facebook, or debating whether Mitt Romney or Mike Huckabee could run the police/welfare state better. These are a different sub-species of mankind known as “Boobus Domesticus”, pronounced Boob-Us-Dome-Esti-Cus. They are still buying things like power boats, Jet Skis, Muscle Cars, and Jewelry. They are still racking up debt they know they can never pay off. Many are government employees who know this charade cannot go on forever, but still act as if the recession is almost over, or never occured..refinancing homes, buying cars on loan, new, every two to three years, ect…

Boobus Domesticus wants to debate which political party can fix the coming disaster and current crisis better, accepting the premise that as those Parties stand now, either-or could do it. But the aware understand without major changes in their memberships, America does not stand a fighting chance. The Obama Admin are Buerocratus Rex, devolving governments role in individual lives is not an option for them, but in order to continue this charade, austerity will mean cutting off some from the teat. Gone will be the days of perfectly capable unemployed people not working until the checks stop coming to the mailbox. Gone are the days when retired Blue Haired Mongrols can use their social security checks to gas up the 48 foot RV and head down to Arizona to gamble the rest of those checks away. Gone are the days of racing to push kids out by welfare queens. Gone are the days without going outside the house unarmed.

What can a Boob do to become more prepared now? Without spending an extra dime, one can start by saving all plastic jugs, and keeping an extra bottle of bleach in the cupboard. Fill those empty jugs with water, dump and refresh occasionally, always keep ten gallons of water per person, bottled in those jugs and on hand somewhere, preferably in your garage if you need to bug out of the city fast. Keep your gas tank full to half full at any given time. Keep a couple of months of dry and canned foods stored in your kitchen, keep a couple of bags in your garage near your car, again, in case you need to bug out fast, as a grab and run item. Keep duel accounts in more than one bank, Pay down all unsecured personal debt if possible. Include with that canned food list, a couple of containers of peanut butter, tuna, spam, dry beans and lentils, and rice. Lighters, batteries, a magnesium strip to start a camp fire, wet weather gear, soap, sunscreen, ect… Keep at least one good backpack in your trunk at all times.

There are plenty more things a person can do, being over-prepared is never a bad idea. Evolving out of Boobus Domesticus requires little effort, simply paying attention to the signs out in society, and keeping a list of basic items readily mobile.

*note, to pay off the federal governments current debt, every taxpaying American will have to give up 120,000 dollars, or the equvilant in goods and services, private and government, or, the equivalent devaluation of their current savings and earnings, or the equivalent amount in forced labor. Know any volunteers? I don’t. Thats why I expect the word “mandate” to be thrown around a bit more in the near future.

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