How To Raise Taxes and Livestock

Just as a farmer knows that livestock need to be tended, fenced in, fed certain nutrients and fibers, and eventually, shipped….so does the State understand that its subjects need to be watched, sectioned off into groups based on breeds, held in those collectives so as to define them as such, propagandizing to, and eventually dumped as their likely voter status turns to unlikely voter status through either death, or political apathy.

The farmer keeps track of his livestock various genetic lines, are they improving? Getting worse? The State gravitates toward total socialization of health care. The farmer mends fence at least once a year. If one head gets out, he knows, the others may follow. The State understands that, when it restricts property rights through zoning laws and urban planning and development, as well as its use of eminent domain, a latin term for superior ownership.

Last, the farmer understands that his herd will produce X amount for him, determined by the final shipped weight of his cattle, and the price of each pound he receives from the market. And the State knows that its subjects produce revenue for its expansion, that it can fatten the populace with what ever its feeding , to placate them, and that when its time to ship them off to “greener” pastures, it’s just a question of opening the proper gates and using the appropriate amount of force, or the level of stimulus  prodding necessary to coax the cattle.

Just some points one should be aware of.

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