Acclimation and (Air)Conditioning

(We are being told that air conditioning is bad. We are told that power plants and power lines..are bad. We are told that carbon is bad, and that too many people (so called over-population) is bad.)

Are we insects now? When did the agenda drivers move from we the people being cattle, to simply being mere insects? Pesky insects at that. Boobus Domesticus better wake up. Or at least stop buzzing and start mooo-ing again.

We are told that among us, the #1 threat is returning veterans. Do aliens run this nation? Notice a change in your local police? Many are being laid off if they are not generating enough “revenue”, or tickets. If police are being tasked primarily to move in revenue through ticketing for minor traffic violations..are police still being tasked to combat actual real crimes? Or do we get to fend for ourselves now? Against criminals of every element, plus, the fuzz?

Politicians on both sides have gotten bad. By bad I mean, ridiculous, Both sides. Is it not conceivable that elections could be suspended? Is anyone turning they’re head from their favorite reality show to notice this? No. Most people have been conditioned to see this unfolding before their eyes. Marshall law, military checkpoints, refugee sites within the US, pension fund threats (pensions are actually being looted now), ect..

The images of tyranny to the people of Germany (circa 1930’s), live train transports, business confiscation, ect…just looked like plain old law enforcement trials and tribulations. We know now, they were a little more than that. Or, mabye in America, when they come for your air conditioner, you will try to jump your fence in protest?

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