Ok, Now they are starting to tell us the Depression Is here.

But Spain and cup soccer , Lindsay Lohan, and Lebron James, those things are serious. Most States are near bankruptcy. After all , they could not use federal stimulus dollars unless they spent more. So now here we are, on the downslide they said would not happen if we passed the Stimulus Package. Remember what else they said, certain Congressman were told Marshall Law would be enacted if the stimulus bill did not pass.

Quick note on Marshall Law for Boobus Domesticus:

You cannot have Marshall Law and Constitutional Law at the same time. Marshall Law gobbles up Constitutional Law like Donkey-Kong. Theres a Bill Of Rights contained within the US Constitution. It says we can think and express ourselves freely. We can own a gun. We can own a car, or a house, or the clothes on our back, or a Playstation, a WI.., ect. No one can break down your door in the middle of the night, wave a gun, or badge, take your daughters, your canned food, and your car, without recourse. You sleep all night, because the Bill of Rights exist. You will not know its gone until you have to move, or hide, all night.

The US Government is positioning itself to lock the nation down. Troops more and more often are seen assisting police. But theres fishing, soccer, and dumb reality shows on our boob tubes.

But now many major news outlets are starting to say the word “depression”. But no one noticed. They will.

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