Finances, Fridays, and other F Words.

When you pay off major high interest credit card balances, the credit card companies, all of who recieve your bailout dollars (see taxation) as well (and did not ask, or say please), you begin getting automated phone calls and direct (junk) mailings asking you to open a new account, another card, ect. Now what bank in their right mind would be aggressively pursuiting to make loans in this current atomoshpere? Banks that are owned, lock, stock, and double barrels, by a few power elites who must keep up the charade.

Its friday, the hounds of hell get more aggressive about enslaving consumer statistical data points (people), on Fridays.

I pay my bills on time, no ones trying to collect on late payments. What banks are attempting to do is keep the credit cycle going. Debt covers debt covers debt, as the economy here, and abroad has a facade in place that makes it all seem like a legitimate“minor recession” or slow “recovery”. It’s all a lie.

The economy is broken, and an aberated set of statistics show that things are not as bad as we think they are. F & A, man.

Things are bad. It is simply a bad sign that banks are in desperation mode attempting to cover bad debt with more bad debt, not only that, but monetizing currency to do so. The only end to this cycle is a sudden unstoppable “crash” that will send boobus domesticus through their fences in fits of rage when the grocery stores are empty, the power is out, and every cent one earns is needed for essentials, say, like, any given third world nation like Zimbabwe for instance.

Its freak time. The markets are distorted, up is down, down is up. Gold and silver are over-priced, dollars are over printed, and yet still, there are idiots out there who think that if they “just printed more money….then all our troubles would be gone”. hmmff.

To get the fiscal house in order will require a revamping of tax laws and collections, in a major way. Also a repealing of the socialization of medicine, retirement, energy, insurance, and finance markets. This can be done with some will by the people, and a cleaning of the floors at the house and senate, and white house. That will take at least 6 years. We do not have that kind of time. The dollar is destabilizing, expect your dollars to buy one- half to one-third of what they buy now, soon. Stop to contemplate that.

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