Falling On The Sword..Senator from the New World Order

Obama is taking a real political hit for the BP oil spill, and he knows it. Why is the clean-up being run to shit?

Cap & Trade scheme.

The NWO’rs are always willing to fall on the sword individually, for the collective agenda it holds. That goal of the NWO, enslavement of mankind..or rather, further enslavement. An enviro-tradgedy/9-11 could be the political will needed to pass cap n tax. Cap n tax has a dual purpose, a tax on breathing (these guys truly have got a humour), and tradeable credits (money) in an intl. setting . Al Gore stood to make a lot, he is ruined now but his agenda has stepped up a notch. Who will make the money he stood to? The banks that control all other currencies now. Ironic, the timing of his demise.

Gas, can be expected to jump again in price. (6-10 dollars a gallon?)

Mass evacuation out of certain southern regions.( real estate boom everyplace else?)

Congress, proposing another 1,000 to 2,000 page bill at midnight, not allowing it to be read (again).

A deepening depression.

Obama may be falling on his sword here to get this agenda through. The NWO is difficult to stop when you do not know who they are, and when you do spot them, they get extinguished quickly, (scap-goated).

Abiotic oil? 20,000 psi oil leak? 30,000 foot well (5-6 miles) into the earth…in 5,000 foot deep water.

I still think this was an accident. But our tyrants do not want a crisis to go to waste.

What pressure coming out is this leak? Ask BP, it will be difficult to get a real answer.

We may be able to stop this with a nuke. But if it fails… But is it succeeding? Look at who will benefit with cap n trade.

Think air can’t be taxed? For christ sakes wake up, these guys eat their own young.

Twenty mile away plumes? Underwater/ground magna layers. A man-made volcano? Oil, plus, volatile organic compounds in the air, sick workers?, Hydrogen sulfide ,not 2-10 PPB, but 1,200 parts per billion, benzine, 0–4 PPB, current level..3,000 parts per billion..methalene cloride, not 61 PPB, currently, 4,000 PPB. How far could a hurricane carry this gas? There is natural dispersal, to be fair. The Gulf contains a lot of water, most of it is very deep.

I still stand to my prior post on this matter, it’s not the crisis, it’s the solution to the crisis. And, ask who benefits.

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